Project Management

Management of project tasks and deliverables can be demanding and stressful. Many times, small businesses and individuals take on projects beyond their capability. If not managed properly, these projects can be costly and time consuming.

S.O.S. has over 20 years’ experience managing projects large and small. S.O.S. prides itself in completing projects on time and within budget.

Financial Project Management

Project Management

Estate Project Management

Project Management

Household Project Management

Project Management

Case study:

S.O.S. had been working with a client for many years when he asked us to be the financial manager for a large renovation project. S.O.S. was responsible for reviewing, tracking, and paying bills for this high-end project. Communication with the Accounts Receivable department of each vendor was crucial as a quick turnaround was important to the success of this project.

Though our client was not interested in the details of the process, through monthly reports he was kept informed of the overall costs. He was especially appreciative when S.O.S. identified a bill discrepancy that would help reduce his costs.

Our client was very pleased because S.O.S. had handled his project efficiently and professionally.